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The continuing adventures of girl!Doctor...

...a strong, independent woman with a cat

girl!Doctor fic
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So, I am a crazy person. In July 2005 I wrote a supposedly one-off piece of Doctor Who fanfiction entitled Bohemian Rose, in which Rose Tyler, having left the Doctor for a new life, done her A-levels and discovered she liked girls as well as boys, is set up on a blind date with a pretty curly-haired woman with somewhat familiar dress sense. Who, naturally, turns out to be the Doctor, who's gone through some changes of her own.

Anyway, girl!Doctor somehow evolved from being the punchline to an off-the-cuff fic to being a character in her own right, who has (so far) spawned two three several more full-length fics and a whole host of drabbles all of her own. I decided, arbitrarily, that she was the eleventh incarnation of the Doctor, and she quite likes being a girl, now she's got used to it. Oh, and she sort of looks like Rachel Weisz from the Mummy movies, only with curly hair and less of a pressing need to be rescued. She prefers to do the rescuing.

This community is for posting fics, meta and icons and other such stuff about girl!Doctor. Nothing here is "canon", by the way; like pegasus_b, another community based on a collectively written AU, the backstory can change from fic to fic. Whatever. Have fun. :)

[Also, just a heads-up - there are now a bunch of girl!Doctor themed goodies up on CaféPress. If you ever wanted a t-shirt with "strong independent woman (with a cat)" across the front, or indeed any of quite a few other quotes, here's your chance.]

I'm loneraven. Any questions and gripes can be directed at me (leave a comment on my journal, or send me an email at loneraven[at]livejournal.com). The lovely banner was made by taraljc, and the community icon was made by larakailyn.